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who am I?

Welcome to EllieTells Voiceovers - I'm Eleanor Sturt, an American, female, voiceover artist (or voice-over actor, or voice over talent if you prefer). I provide voiceover for commercials, corporate videos, e-learners, video-games, apps, toys, and, my absolute favourite, audiobooks.

Looking to book a voiceover artist? Head to the contact page and get in touch. I look farward to discussing your project with you.

more than voices

Want a voice over artist that can do more than speak? Take a look at my additional services below, and we can have a more detailed discussion when we chat.



Does something seem off in your script? With a background in copyediting and copywriting, I am happy to polish up your script, making sure it flows naturally and effectively.

copywriting for voiceover

Have an idea for an ad, but not sure how to get your point across? Maybe you have a piece of music you know you want use, but you are uncertain of the text. Not problem! Get in touch and let's put your idea into words.

Image by Luca Onniboni
Image by Tomasz Gawłowski

custom audio design

Looking for a unique or custom sound design? I work in tandem with a sound designer and composer who can provide sound effects, design, and even original music. We can discuss any bespoke sound services when we chat.

"Eleanor is an absolute pleasure to work with, and has an incredible natural talent behind the microphone. She exudes confidence and charm at every recording."

Kyle Guthrie, The Screening Room

"Working with her was a pleasure. She was professional, energetic, and convincing. She knows her stuff. "

Thomas Sargent, Sargent Family Productions

"Working with Eleanor is a real pleasure. His voice-over talents are undeniable and her work is of great quality. Always reliable and pleasant to work with. I will definitely work with Eleanor again in the future."

Louis-guillaume, You'll Die Smarter

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